Service Prices

The prices for all of Goodwill Healthcare services and supports in the NDIS are in line with the latest NDIS Price Guide.

Daily Activities
Item NoItem Name and NoteUnitPrice
01_011_0107_1_1Assistance with Self-Care Activities – Standard – Weekday DaytimeHour$57.10
01_011_0107_1_1_TAssistance with Self-Care Activities-Standard-Weekday Daytime-TTPHour$59.16
01_013_0107_1_1Access Community, Social and Rec Activities – Standard – SaturdayHour$80.10
01_013_0107_1_1_TAssistance with Self-Care Activities – Standard – Saturday – TTPHour$82.98
04_106_0125_6_1Assistance with Self-Care Activities – Standard – SundayHour$103.11
01_014_0107_1_1_TAssistance with Self-Care Activities – Standard – Sunday – TTPHour$106.83
01_012_0107_1_1Assistance with Self-Care Activities – Standard – Public HolidayHour$126.11
01_012_0107_1_1_TAssistance with Self-Care Activities – Standard – Public Holiday- TTPHour$130.65
01_019_0120_1_1House or Yard MaintenanceHour$49.30
01_020_0120_1_1House Cleaning And Other Household ActivitiesHour$50.20
Community Participation
04_104_0125_6_1Access Community, Social and Rec Activities -Std-Weekday DaytimeHour$57.10
04_104_0125_6_1_TAccess Community,Social and Rec Activities -Std-Weekday Daytime TTPHour$59.16
04_105_0125_6_1Access Community, Social and Rec Activities – Standard – SaturdayHour$80.10
04_105_0125_6_1_TAccess Community, Social and Rec Activities – Standard – Saturday-TTPHour$82.98
04_106_0125_6_1Access Community, Social And Rec Activities – Standard – SundayHour$103.11
04_106_0125_6_1_TAccess Community, Social And Rec Activities – Standard – Sunday-TTPHour$106.83
04_102_0125_6_1Access Community, Social And Rec Activities -Standard – Public HolidayHour$126.11
04_102_0125_6_1_TAccess Community, Social And Rec Activities – Std – Public Holiday-TTPHour$130.65
Capacity Building and other
09_009_0117_6_3Skills Development and TrainingHour$65.09
15_037_0117_1_3Skill Development And Training to increase independence, including Public Transport TrainingHour$57.10
08_005_0106_2_3Assistance With Accommodation And Tenancy ObligationsHour$65.09

When a new NDIS Price Guide is issued, the prices for all Goodwill supports are adjusted in line with the new guide. The latest NDIA price guide is listed here on the NDIS website. On that page, you will find a link to the 2021-22 price guide and the 2021-22 support catalogue.

Establishment Fee:- This fee applies to all new NDIS participants in their first plan where they receive at least 20 hours of personal care/community access support per month. This payment is to cover non-ongoing costs for Goodwill Healthcare to establish arrangements and assist you in implementing your plan

Cancellation Charges :- Goodwill Healthcare has not changed it’s cancellation policy from 48 business hours (2 business days).

Providers can only claim for a cancellation if they have not found alternative billable work for the relevant worker and are required to pay the worker for the time that would have been spent providing the support.

Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP):- In 2019, the NDIA introduced the Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) which is used to assist providers who meet specific criteria, including registration to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission to continue transforming their business to move towards a more competitive marketplace, without compromising quality of service. Goodwill Healthcare is committed to transformation in the sector and high-quality service delivery and is eligible for the Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) for applicable services. You can read more about the TTP here.

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