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The number of hours of support provided and the kind of work we do with each person depends on eligibility for different programs. We believe everyone can benefit from our flexible support, to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.We offers a range of recovery-based, flexible, community-based support services for people with severe or persistent mental health concerns. Support can help with the practical help with daily living, looking after your health, finding a home, gaining employment as well as improving your connections with family, friends and the community. We support you to learn strategies and develop skills that help you to:

*Identify your strengths
*Build resilience
*Achieve your goals
*Find people to help you improve your wellbeing
*Connect with family or with your community
*Improve your physical health
*Enjoy a full and vibrant quality of life
*Look after your mental and physical health
*Develop a recovery plan
*Achieve your goals through face-to-face and phone coaching Mental health recovery .We believe that recovery is an individual process, and with the right kind of support, each person can move towards a life that matches their values and goals for the future. 

By identifying your strengths and what you would like to achieve, we support you to develop strategies and build skills that help to:

*Reduce distress and manage symptoms

*Improve your confidence and build independence

*Connect with family, friends and others

*Improve your physical health

*Participate in your community

*Enjoy a full and vibrant quality of life.

Build better life, better choice